What, who, why… read this first !

My name is Finlay Cowan, 

WHAT ? This blog is about about finding inspiration and motivation, how to draw, how to write, how to tell stories and make music… and how to survive in the worlds most competitive, demanding and glamorous (allegedly) industries… whether its a trick for drawing better Goddesses or a tip on making your accounts easier to handle, or just how to keep it all moving when things get quiet… this blog is about finding out what you have to say… and saying it. I am asking you to share my creative journey… and I want to share yours. My belief is that by watching out for each other… we will all have a little more control over our individual destinies.

My aim is to produce 20 Subway Slim graphic novels (and music) over the next 20 years… and to get out into the world and get the inspiration and tools I need to do that. Likewise, I am hoping I can help you define your goals and do the same for yourself. For that reason, most of the articles on this blog will have an excercise at the end of each one… a  simple, practical direction that can help you (and I) move forward with our dreams and ambitions.

WHO ? I have been a self employed artist, graphic designer, writer and musician all my life. I’m probably best known for designing Pink Floyds most popular ever image (allegedly) and designs for other bands such as Muse, Audioslave and Talvin Singh. I have written five bestselling books on how to do Fantasy Art which have been published in over ten languages and sold in 20 countries. I’ve worked as a costume and armour design on major hollywood films, I’ve created many well know advertising and marketing campaigns for global corporations , I’ve been the creative director of the Luxury Marketing Council Europe for ten years, I’ve worked in theatre, retail, publishing, fashion, film, interior design…the lot. I even designed and built my own cafe in Londons fashionable Shoreditch area, Cafe 1001… and my partner, Janette Swift and I took our young child to live in Italy for 7 years with no money, no contacts and no knowledge of the country.

WHY ? But I’m not saying any of this to show off (really, honest)… In fact –  I’m not a high achiever… and I’m not ‘rich’… Its been quite a struggle, immensely boring at times, I’ve failed a lot and I have never really felt I’ve had total control of my life.But I have had a lot of freedom, a lot of ideas and it has always been challenging.

Which is why I’m doing this.

I get a steady trickle of emails from fans and friends all over the world, young and old, creative and business oriented and the one subject I get asked the most questions about is:  How do you do it ?

PSYCHOLOGY, MYTHOLOGY… AND YOU. I’m 45 years old now and I’m just starting out. After years of immersion into the twin areas of mythology and psychology and more years developing stories and characters I have finally found my path with the character Subway Slim who has become the focus of all my creative activities from drawing and writing to business and live performance.

This site has also been created as a vehicle for Subway Slim. As I go through life, the people I meet, the experiences I have and the spiritual and philosophical path I follow all influence the stories I tell. In return the creation of these stories influences the path of my life and the things that happen to me.

So I want to take that process further and get the rest of the world involved… everybody who I interact with or who likes my work or buys my books… has some kind of influence on Subway Slim and what I do. So I think we should build on that ? Your involvement in my art and business is what makes it possible for me to keep going… my involvement in YOUR art and business makes it possible for you to keep going … so whether it’s advising and encouraging each other, sharing ideas or collecting my work… it’s the contact that we have that makes it all possible.


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